Cowboy Code Of The West

Why Wyoming & Montana?

The founders of Beartooth Mt Ascent, Triangle Cross Ranch and Rocky Mountain Frontier were featured in the film The Code of the West: Alive and Well in Wyoming. This film, directed by Jim Havey and produced by the “Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership,” was intended to demonstrate how honesty and dedication are virtues that, while typifying the rural businesses of the western portion of the country, are becoming lost traits in our current culture. The interview with the founder of our Catholic Youth Ranch, Jerry Schneider, explains how the simplicity and earnestness of ranch work frees a man from material distractions and makes him aware that happiness and plenitude come from within one’s own heart. In a chapter of the film, entitled “A Different Culture” Jerry explains the therapeutic value inherent in the “cowboy” lifestyle, as the cowboy is forced to practice honesty and to accept responsibility for his actions on every level. The location of our program is in the North west corner of the “cowboy State,” near Yellowstone National Park. The incredible beauty that this area of Wyoming & Montana offers is an ideal atmosphere where your son will develop the integrity and character that defines what it is to be a “man”.

About 90% of the young men who come to Beartooth Mt Ascent are from large metropolitan areas. Here the experience a totally new environment steeped in rugged beauty, challenge and excitement, which appeals to the young mans adventurous spirit. In the rush and pressures of modern society, their youthful desire for adventure often leads them into the culture of partying, drugs, and promiscuity. In the quietness of God's creation in one of the last real un-tamed wilderness states Wyoming offers each young man the chance to discover himself and learn to use his drive for adventure for positive ends. Society recognizes the growing need to serve wounded youth outside of brick and mortar institutions. Ranches like Bearooth Mt Ascent and Triangle Cross Ranch are of inestimable value in this endeavor. Conventional school systems tend to keep young mans in a "box" and tend to act out because they are bored. At Beartooth Mt. Ascent & Triangle Cross Ranch they are let out of the "box" to explore and follow their natural talents and unique gifts.

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