Catholic Ranch Based Recovery Programs For Struggling and At-Risk Young Men,
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For Boys ages 10-17
call Traingle Cross Ranch at 307-645-3322

For Ages 18-28 Call Beartooth Mtn Ascent at

As Catholic/Christian Parents of a struggling teenager or at-risk young adult son, you are most likely looking for a truly Christ Centered program for your at-risk youth. You have come to the right place!

Our Three Ranch Based Programs offer young men the opportunity to change their unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Our goal is to help every young man become a better version of himself.

Our Catholic/ Christian Faith Based Programs provides a safe, loving environment that integrates animal, equine therapy, counseling, academic pursuits, mentoring, group therapy, and an active Outdoor ranch based program schedule that encourages life-changing job skills and life skills then enable sound decision making to ensure a healthy and productive life.

Many parent do not realize that most of the mainstream programs for troubled teens offer no support and often contradict the Christian world view needed for our childrens salvation. Many others empart a new age “selfisim” secular humanist ideology in their programs. If you are concerned about your troubled teen or young adult son getting more confused and buying into thephilosophy of moral relativism then you need to know which programs areauthenticallyChristian and truly Catholic!

We offer an three unique programs for young men on a working cattle ranch. Our Catholic Faith based approach stresses the importance of practicing the Christian virtues within every facet of the young mans life. Our Motto is "We believe that the recovery process begins when the young man surrenders to his life to the plan God has for him and starts to engage with manly role models that demonstrate the admirable characteristics of honesty,trustworthiness, fortitude, courage andsincere moral integrity”.

To learn more about our Catholic Family Ranch Recovery Program for struggling young adult men visit each of the programs pages for more details.