Triangle Cross Ranch

Triangle CrossRanchis a Catholic/Christian Theraputic Ranch Program for Struggling Young Men Ages 10-17

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“By unfolding the boy's mind as God created him, on a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch, located in the northwest corner of Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park.”

Triangle Cross Ranch (TCR) islocated on an authentic, 50,000 acre“working” Wyoming cattle ranch. We are abehavioral modificationwith a strongvocational/technicalprogramand anon-campus school We are a residential program designed for troubled teenage boys, ages 10-17.TCR offers a solutionto families dealing with the negative influences in their son’s environment by promoting a cultural change in a location that is more social media/technology free and far removed from the temptations of drugs, alcohol, sex and peer pressure than most families are able to achieve in their home environment. Independently owned and operated, we combineChristian ideals with the cowboy “Code of the West”as we help struggling teens find value in honesty, integrity, simplicity, and determination.

The boys who have attended here and their families have found that the culture we provide on our family operated cattle ranch is successful ineducating the mind, strengthening the body, and building the spiritof our students to be more self-confident and successful when returning home. With over 25 years of experience, TCR will not only repair the damaged self-esteem of the struggling adolescent, but will also help mend a family relationship that his poor decisions have negatively impacted. A focus on Christian morality allows the young men to become more aware and cognizant of the ways in which his poor choices are hurting others. We believe that every boy who comes to Triangle Cross Ranch is intrinsically good and capable of receiving the help to better their lives! They just need a place away from all the shouting the world throws at them so they can find a successful path, learn to practice integrity, and develop healthy relationship skills.

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Triangle Cross Ranch’s approach is unique to programs for troubled youth because it is based on mentoring each child while engaging with the challenging activities that are routinely performed on a cattle ranch. While doing so, ourmentorsare able to help the at-risk teens who enter our program gain many new experiences and while doing soreveal the hidden strengths and talents of each child. We believe that in directing, rather than suppressing, the risk seeking behavior of our boys, we are able to open many possibilities and create young men who are strong, goal-oriented, and excited about their futures.

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The cowboy lifestyle the boys at Triangle Cross Ranch experience requires them to learn how to conduct themselves as young men, willing to confront the challenges of each day without excuses or evasions. Some of the activities in which your son may learn and participate in while here may include; cattle drives, branding, riding horses on our mountain range outside of Yellowstone National Park, welding, mechanics, and carpentry (some activities are seasonal). We believe that ourranch activities will help build a sense of dignity and self-esteem within your son.In order to bring the best out in your son, we help them develop skills which fit their natural instincts such as to build, to protect those in need, to hunt and fish for food, to have a warrior's determination, and to develop wisdom in wise choices by living the cowboy way of life. Triangle Cross Ranch helps to develop many valuable life and job skills that other youth programs do not offer.

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